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Why The Spa Doctor?

Completely trained staff, 13 years in the spa business. Trained in all areas of technical service and water chemistry.
•    Complete stock of most products
•    Fully stocked store for do it yourself people

Weekly Spa Services!

We offer weekly spa service: This service includes testing the water every week as well as checking the temperature, checking filters, testing of the equipment, and maintaining your supply of chemicals. Each week you will receive a maintenance report.  Weekly Service: Check Spa, Balance Chemicals Include Delivery of Chemicals  

Welcome to the Spa Doctor

Let the Spa Doctor be your source for prompt, professional year around spa and hot tub repair. We have the resources to get you back in your hot tub quickly. Let us help you with your spa & hot tub repair needs.

Spa Removal

Our hot tub removal services includes all the loading, cleanup, pickup and dumping of your unwanted hot tub.

The Spa Doctor comes to your home or business and removes all your hot tub. With your guidance, our hot tub hauling experts will separate out the hot tub and haul it away as part of our all-inclusive hot tub removal services.

No job is too big or too small for our hot tub removal services or our hot tub hauling experts. Because The Spa Doctor recycles most of the hot tub we haul, your hot tub will be dealt with in a clean, sustainable way.








Chemicals For Your Hot Tub

We Specialize in:

  • Spa Repair

  • Monthly Maintenance

  • Chemicals

  • New Spa Cover Delivery

  • Old Spa Cover Disposal

  • Delivery of New Hot Tubs

  • Removal and Disposal of Old Hot Tub's

  • Spa Openings

  • Spa Winterization

  • Spa Shell Repair

  • Plumbing Repair



Let us know if you need chemicals for your next visit and we will bring them to you!

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