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Difficult Water

The arrival of your new hot tub can sometimes be more frustrating than enjoyable due to problems with Difficult Water...

32520040 sSome water systems may contain high amounts of metals that can stain or discolor your spa's surface. Other areas have hard water* (high amounts of calcium) that can cause oxidizing and scaling on the shell's surface, and corroding of the heater element. Thermo Spas offers two different products that work to sequester and isolate any minerals or metals in your hot tub's water. They protect your shell from staining or scaling, while removing any discoloration from the water that may be caused by excess minerals.

Stain & Scale Preventer controls problems caused by high amounts of metals, and it inhibits the formation of rusty brown, black, or green water and cloudy precipitates in hot tub water. Most colored water problems and stains are due to the presence of metallic impurities, such as iron, copper and magnesium salts. These impurities may be present in the water used to fill the hot tub spa, or they may develop over time from the corrosive action of acidic water (low pH) on metal pipes and plumbing equipment.

Chlorine, in the natural exposure of spa water to air, oxidizes dissolved metals and minerals and causes them to precipitate (fall out of solution and become visible). This produces unsightly stains on spa surfaces and can cause colored or cloudy water or annoying residues.

Stain & Scale Preventer helps to eliminate these problems by combining with the metallic and mineral impurities to keep them dissolved and invisible. This should be used once a week by people who have high amounts of metal impurities in their water.

Protection Plus is an exclusive Thermo Spas product, and it has everything described above in Stain & Scale Preventer, along with the addition of a powerful clarifier. It's a high-power, super-concentrated polymer designed for those whose water has a very high mineral content. It is a stain and scale inhibitor that also clarifies your spa's water in one easy step. It clears cloudy water quickly, increases filter performance, and will not affect the chemical balance in your spa water. Add a small amount each week to your spa, and your water will stay clear, clean, and protected.
Protection Plus is very highly recommended for use in all water conditions by our in-house hot tub water experts.

*Please Note: Very hard water must be softened before it is added to your hot tub because there is no way to remove all of the minerals. Never bypass your water softener Foam 
Foam can build up in your spa during heavy usage because of soap residue on bathing suits. It can also be caused by residues from shampoo, body oils, or cosmetic products. Just by adding a single, small capful of Foam Away, you can easily control this problem, allowing you to enter your spa's water without a second thought.

Foam Away is an exclusive formula that breaks up existing foam in spas, hot tubs, and whirlpools, and may be used whenever troublesome, unsightly foam develops. It may also be used as a preventative to safely keep foam from forming on the surface of your spa's water.  Quickly eliminates foaming and is compatible with other water treatment chemicals.  (if you use one) while you are filling your spa.

Oils & Organics Body oils and lotions, grease from cosmetics, and other organic compounds can build up in your hot tub water over time, and these are not affected by sanitizers. These organics can be seen as an oily film on the surface of your hot tub's water, and they will create lines of scum around the edges of your spa's shell if left alone.

Natural & Clear is a natural enzyme solution that breaks down and devours oils and organic compounds that sanitizers cannot destroy. Because it dissolves the organics, it rids the acrylic shell of the unsightly scum lines that build up just above the edge of the water's surface. It emulsifies and biodegrades organic contaminates as soon as they enter your spa, so the water is kept clear and odor free, with no discomfort to the hot tub user. It also removes organics before they can interfere with sanitizer performance. This boost in sanitizer effectiveness keeps spas and hot tubs safe, while bather comfort is greatly improved.
Unlike other enzyme products, this may be used with spa ozonators.