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Maintenance Packages For Your Hot Tub

Swim Spa In backyard with walk up stesOur Maintenance services includes testing the water every week as well as checking the temperature, checking filters, testing of the equipment, and maintaining your supply of chemicals. Each week you will receive a maintenance report.

 Service Plans Available - Call today for pricing (248) 628-3964
• Service Plans Once per week
• Service Plans per week + filter clean
• Service Plans Once per week + filter clean + Drain, Sanitize, refill
• All weekly service customers never pay service call.
• Complete spa repair, rebuild, modify spa covers, chemicals, filter, new algae control


We offer a complete cleaning of your spa. This includes a complete scrubbing to remove calcium, rust, dirt and debris. Then we will disinfect your spa. We will also clean and/or replace filters, and upon request we can refill and restart your spa.

We also offer services such as, water testing and testing your water for ozone concentration. We can also teach you how to maintain your own spa so you can eliminate costly mistakes. This small investment alone can save you from HAVING to call "THE SPA DOCTOR".