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Spa & Hot Tub Purification

item 5Knowing the water quality and balance that is going into your spas or hot tubs and that is currently residing in your hot tubs&spas is very important to the safety of your hot tub and your hot tub equipment. But another very important thing to monitor in your hot tubs & spas water is the amount of microorganisms forming inside. Naturally microorganisms will find their way into your spas or hot tubs considering people come in and out of it all the time, it's constantly wet and warm (ideal place for bacteria to breed), and if it is outside, anything can accidentally fall into the hot tubs&spas water.

Such bacteria and microorganisms can manifest in the water long enough to create what is known as Pseudomonas, which create a condition known as Folliculitis in your hot tubs&spas. Sounds scary and it can be because such conditions can be very dangerous to you and your spas or hot tubs. These bacteria are known to cause itchy rashes or small reddish bumps, sometimes confused with bug bites. Aside from skin irritation, it can create irritation in your eyes, ears, and cause you to experience flu-like symptoms. This is why you must not only balance the water in your hot tubs&spas, but also purify the water as well.

Water purification is the process of using hot tubs&spas sanitizers, spa shockers, and ozonators to make sure the water is clean and bacteria free. There are a couple different sanitizer options available to you that we will discuss and they include: chlorine, bromine, biguanide, Cleanwater Blue systems, and Nature2. It will depend on preference which one you choose for your spas or hot tubs at home, considering they all have different advantages and disadvantages.

Know about spa shockers and what they do to prevent dangerous bacteria from growing in your hot tubs&spas. Shock treatment is used simultaneously with the sanitizers to ensure that the sanitizers are performing at peak effectiveness. There are two different types of shockers: Non-chlorine shock and Dichlor shock (chlorine shock). Once again, each has their individual advantages and disadvantages so you’ll have to decide the best fit for your spas or hot tubs.

We’ll also give details on hot tubs&spas oxidizers and how they help your hot tub. The oxidizers help to eliminate compounds such as dead skin, oil, sweat and makeup that linger in the spas or hot tubs. And these oxidizers enhance the performance of the chlorine or bromine by allowing them to be continuously reused.  Finally we will explain what to do if your hot tubs&spas water is already contaminated and how to get the water back into a condition where you can enjoy it worry free.